VERD | Verd S.A. Sustainable Products and Services

Verd – S. A. for Sustainable Products and Services was established on 1/8/2005 with headquarters in Kifissia and a production unit in the 2nd Industrial Area of Volos in Velestino. Verd is a company active in the field of renewable energy sources and green products, with main activity the production, distribution and research and development of biofuels. At the same time, the company is active in the development of green products while planning the activity in the field of cumulative representation (aggregator) in the field of electricity.

Verd SA has a state-of-the-art biodiesel production unit in Volos, with an annual production capacity of 80,000 m3 of excellent quality biodiesel, while in the same area is housed the Research and Development department whose main purpose is to ensure the quality of products and the development of new products, processes and / or activities.

The company proceeded in 2013 to invest in the expansion of the existing unit with the installation of new biofuel production technology that significantly improved its competitiveness, through greater flexibility in the use of liquid waste as raw materials and the production of excellent quality products. At the same time, through the great experience it has gained in the processing of oils, it has started to be active in the exploitation of its by-products (glycerin, potassium sulfate, fatty acids) but also its main products (methyl fatty acids) to produce chemicals of higher added value with uses in sectors of solvents, lubricants, detergents etc.

Verd operates a Biodiesel production unit in Volos and is the largest producer in Greece of Biodiesel from waste, such as used oils and animal fats. The company also operates on its premises a fully equipped Chemistry for the purposes of Research and Development of new products as well as for the final quality control.