IHU | Department of Food Science and Technology, International Hellenic University

The International Hellenic University consists of 7 faculties and 30 Departments. The proposed activities will be developed by the Department of Food Technology which is recognized for its research in the field of food and biological systems, including the development of new products on a laboratory and pilot scale. During the last 10 years, it has successfully coordinated and participated in a number of National and European programs. It has also collaborated with more than 15 Greek, European and Multinational companies in research projects for process optimization, product improvement and new product development. Its personnel consists of more than 30 scientists with specialized know-how and many years of experience in the field of food science.

Role in the Project:

  • Analysis of microalgae biomass composition, lipid identification and quantification of sugars, proteins and other components.
  • Separation and recovery of high nutritional value components (lipids, antioxidants etc.), evaluation of their nutritional value and their suitability for human nutrition (food and nutritional supplements) and for fish feed.
  • Separation and recovery of other components, characterization an evaluation of thein nutritional value and their potential use in human nutrition and fish feed.
  • Protocol for the production of animal and fish feed enriched with microalgae
  • Development of innovative foods with high nutritional value, containing selected ingredients.
  • Production of innovative dairy product with high nutritional value.
  • Study of the effect of adding selected microalgae ingredients in selected foods (fish, poultry and dairy product).