Commencement of the 1st experimental culture of the microalgae Monoraphidium-like sp. on a pilot scale.

On July 9, the 1st pilot culture of the Monoraphidium-like sp. started in the greenhouse facilities of the University of Thessaly. The first pilot scale trial culture concerned 1 tank, with a capacity of 1 ton. The aim of the 1st test-preparatory culture is to highlight various technical problems during the pilot cultivation and to solve them, so that the official pilot culture that will start in the fall will be uninterrupted, gradually utilizing all 6 available tanks.


Preparation of the inoculum for the 1st main pilot culture of Monoraphidium-like sp.

From the first days of October, the production of liquid biomass of the strain Monoraphidium-like sp. has started, on a laboratory scale, which will feed the pre-culture of the strain Monoraphidium-like sp. in a 100 L bioreactor. After sufficient strain growth, the grown liquid biomass will supply the 1st of the total 6 tanks for microalgae cultivation (capacity: 1 ton / tank).


Participation in the international conference 13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology

On September 20-23, 2021, the Department of Chemical Engineering of AUTh participated in the 13th European Congress of Chemical Engineering and 6th European Congress of Applied Biotechnology where it presented the preliminary results of the evaluation of four microalgae strains in terms of their productivity and biomass composition in macromolecules.


4th Informal meeting of the project partners

On Friday, May 14, the 4th informal meeting of the project partners was held remotely. One of the main topics of discussion was the selection of the microalgae strain which will be used for the pilot actions of the project after the experimental evaluation of 4 strains of different genera. In addition, the schedule of research activities was updated, while issues of a managerial nature were discussed.