Koukakis Farm is a fully vertical milk processing unit. In the completely natural environment of the plain of the lower Apostles of Kilkis, animal feed is cultivated, cows are raised and high quality dairy products are produced with the strictest quality standards. The Koukakis family, refugees from eastern Thrace, settled in Kato Apostoloi of Kilkis and engaged in animal husbandry in 1922.

Since 1977, the Koukakis Farm has been operating in an organized manner as a standard cow breeding unit and its rapid development led to the verticalization of production in 1999, with the addition of a modern pasteurization unit. In 2009, the production unit along with the administration offices were installed in new state-of-the-art production facilities. In the same year, the Product Distribution Center, along with the structure of the Commercial Directorate, was moved to new facilities in N. Ionia, Thessaloniki.

In the period 2010-2011, the departments of Production, Quality Control and R&D are staffed with young scientists specialized in the field of food, giving a new breath to the productive becoming of the company.

For the period 2010-2016 the R&D department of the company improved the quality of all products and in collaboration with the MKG department created more than 10 new products in the categories of yogurts, sweet desserts and juices. Always maintaining as a basic principle the production of products of high quality standards and as the ultimate goal consumer satisfaction.

In 2012 the company became a part as a collaborating body in the research program ESPA 11-SYN-1701-2 entitled "Recovery, Characterization and Practical Applications of Hydrocolloids from Olive and Grape By-Products suitable for Food" which was successfully completed in 2015. The know-how acquired helped to create low-fat yogurt products.