AUTH | Department of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Chemical Engineering Laboratory B’ with head Assistant Professor C. Chatzidoukas, has long-term research experience in chemical and biochemical processes, in sustainability of their operation for the production of innovative products (biopolymers and biochemical products) with selected properties, and in solving complex technological problems. Particular emphasis is placed on the controlled operation of production processes, on the dynamics, on the product identification and monitoring the evolution of their quality characteristics, as well as on the development of a strategy to optimize the quality and quantity performance indicators of the studied processes. The laboratory has equipment and experimental devices for microbial and photosynthetic cultures, for biomass processing and characterization (microalgae, lignocellulose, microbial), for enzymatic reactions under controlled conditions and for the production and characterization of biopolymers and biochemical products.